So I’m doing a horrible job checking in. But not a whole lot has been noteworthy anyway..

For the past few days I have been doing very general exercises with a focus on burning fat and building muscle. This includes: jump roping, elliptical trainer, running, bench press, curls, push ups, etc. I have been doing these (mostly) every day.

As for diet, I have not been eating particularly healthy, just controlling the portions I eat. I have been using myfitnesspal on my iPhone to keep track of how many calories I am consuming and burning. It automatically takes into account how many calories per day one can consume in order to lose a particular amount of weight per week. I have it set on the maximum (2) which allows me to eat 1200 calories before exercise.

I have actually made some progress in the last 4 days with my weight loss, going from 166.8 on 1/11 to 164.8 today (1/15). That is a loss of 2 lbs in 4 days, not too shabby. We will see if it fluctuates or not. 

As for inches in the same amount of time, I appear to have only lost a quarter of an inch around my navel, from 36.5 down to 36.25. I am no very good at selecting the exact same spot and keeping the measuring tape level so there is no telling how accurate it is. Oh well, I’ll keep doing it anyway! 


Well day one went pretty well. I had a very good workout that ended with me getting sick, which generally means the body has been pushed past its limits. So congratulations to me! My workout was:

Jump rope fast speed 5 min

Bench press 3 sets of max

Pushups 3 sets of max

Curls 3 sets of max, each arm

Jump rope 10 minutes (resulting in a very tired and sick person)

Its been a long time since I did much jump roping, and I have to say it is one very effective cardio workout! All together I worked out for around 20 minutes. Not the greatest length of a workout, but I feel as if it was pretty successful. I will be upping the amount tomorrow. 

As far as food goes, I only had one(ish) meal. Since I didn’t wake up until around 2, I held off with a cheesestick until about 5. At that point I didn’t eat anything healthy, just some Stroganoff and a couple slices of bread. All in all I managed to stay well within my calorie limit for the day according to Myfitnesspal.

Plans for tomorrow:

ABS! Crunches, side crunches, leg raises

For cardio I will be doing elliptical and jump rope

Since the temp has steadied, I will also be running a mile


Morning weigh in: 167

Calories consumed: 1130

Calories Burned: 125

Net Calories: 1005


Well, it’s about time that I restart this blog. I’ve lazed around with the excuse of cold weather this year enough, it’s high time that I jump back on that train hardcore! This body isn’t going to get itself in shape, so here we go!

Hopefully I will be posting each day, with updates for workouts that I have done and probably some complaining about how terrible/great I feel after each one. Each week I will update my stats, inches and weight.

Beginning weight 167 (according to home electronic scale. I will be using it throughout to help keep consistency.)

I haven’t measured myself yet, I still have to obtain the tape. I will be starting measurements next week. Hopefully this is the beginning on improvement, summer will be right around the corner!